Multiplexes hike costs, single screens wait and watch
Published : Tuesday, 4 July, 2017
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A marginal increase in some places. Some halls square measure holding it steady And a minimum of one theatre has shockingly reduced costs. On the day that GST got enforced -and Tollywood got wracked by jitters concerning the long run -this was the record book of the theatres screening Bengali films in city.Despite the steep 18-28% tax obligatory below the new regime, the state government's rebate has return as an enormous relief. "The eighteen tax is on tickets up to `100, and for tickets higher than that, there's a twenty eighth tax. On the previous block, the regime is giving a rebate of seven, whereas there's a rebate of 12-tone system on the upper bracket. this can be for the good thing about folk," same a supply from a multiplex.

But all this talk rebates cannot remove from the very fact that price ticket costs square measure sure to increase. "If a shopper is paying such a lot to observe a Hindi film why can they not pay a small amount additional to observe a Bengali film now? Earlier, once the tax element was two hundredth, the come on a Rs one hundred price ticket was Rs ninety eight, that got divided between the producer and also the distributor. For the eighteen GST bracket, the come can return right down to Rs eighty two. So, to keep up the balance, we've enhanced price ticket costs by two hundredth on a mean.Suppose a client United Nations agency paid Rs 220 for a Posto show on weekday , can got to pay Rs 250 on weekday ," same the multiplex supply.

Some other theatres, particularly single screens, have adopted a wait and watch policy. same Dipen Mitra of Mitra Cinema, "It's too early to predict however GST can have an effect on the business. at this time we tend to square measure determining the way to reprint tickets with new costs. we tend to hadn't done that to date since the regime had same that it might type it out.A price ticket to our five.15 pm show of Chaamp was `90 on weekday and it remains identical as of currently. The audience is our priority and that we square measure bearing the tax burden for currently, however can got to hike costs later."

Mitra's words were echoed by another theatre owner -Arijit Dutta of Priya."The increase in tax cannot be smart for the trade . the massive tax burden can for sure have an impression, however we tend to don't seem to be increasing price ticket costs as of currently. On Friday , the tick et for the four.30 show of Posto value `150 and it remains identical."
Industrywallahs were angry concerning however the upper tax would throttle the native trade , that is already suffering owing to lacklustre south remakes, mediocre theatre returns and underwhelming satellite costs for films. rule Kumar Gupta, United Nations agency owns Gupta Talkies in Barrackpore, said, "We try laborious to save lots of the Bengali screenland , however this GST is just like the icing on the cake! it'll have an effect on United States of America terribly badly . tho' the regime is giving a rebate, that cannot amendment the very fact that the tax has gone up from two hundredth to 18-28%. A Rs one hundred price ticket for a five pm show stays unchanged this weekend, however from weekday it'll be hiked to Rs one hundred twenty."
On the opposite finish of the dimensions is Navina Cinema, wherever price ticket costs are literally coming back down. "We have a show of Boss two at one.15 pm, wherever the price ticket worth was Rs one hundred forty until weekday . On weekday , it weakened to Rs 127, due to the rebate offered by the regime. i am willing in touch the burden, because the audience should not feel the pinch," same Navin Chowkhani, the owner of the theatre.

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