Scientists developing heat-resistant 'cows of the future'
Published : Wednesday, 5 July, 2017
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Scientists area unit developing a breed of genetically-modified 'cows of the future' that may be additional heat resistant and have superior ability to adapt to hot living conditions.
More than [*fr1] the oxen within the world lives in hot and wet environments, as well as regarding forty per cent of beef cows within the US, researchers same.
By victimisation genomic tools, researchers aim turn out|to supply|to provide} associate animal which will adapt to hot living conditions and produce finest beef.

Scientists from University of Sunshine State (UF) within the US area unit learning a additional heat-tolerant Brangus cow - a cross between associate Angus and a Brahman.
Raluca Mateescu, associate professor at UF, is an element of the team that has received a three-year, USD 733,000 grant for this analysis.
"The grant permits US to trace down DNA segments from the 2 breeds and comprehend that regions of the cow's DNA area unit vital to control temperature," Mateescu same.

Researchers eventually need to develop the data and tools the oxen business must increase tolerance to heat stress.
At an equivalent time, researchers hope to extend potency in production, replica and meat quality.

"This offers a strong new approach to deal with the challenges of global climate change and develop climate-smart productive oxen for a future, hotter world," Mateescu same.

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