Robots to help tourists, clean floors at South Korean flying field
Published : Wednesday, 5 July, 2017
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Robots can begin roaming South Korea's largest flying field this summer, serving to travelers notice their boarding gates and keep its floors clean because the country prepares for its initial Olympiad game.

Starting this month, Troika, a self-driving golem created by LG physics, can rove the Incheon International flying field, telling travelers however long it takes to urge to boarding gates and escorting them to their flights.

A large improvement golem can facilitate improvement employees swab the wide expanses of floors within the flying field west of national capital.

Troika, concerning the dimensions of a young teenage, is provided with an oblong show on its front that appears sort of a big smartphone screen and might show flight data, associate flying field map and weather knowledge.

Its partially rounded head incorporates a flat touchscreen face that displays blinking or smiling eyes or data.

The guiding larva responds to its name. Travelers will insert their tickets into its scanner to urge flight data, and Troika can then raise if they need to be escorted to their gates, warning laggards to “Please keep nearer therefore I will see you.”

Troika's debut piqued the interest of the many within the flying field.
Heads swiveled and youngsters approached with curiosity because the 140-centimenter (4 foot half-dozen inch) golem with its white body and black screens glided through the terminal.

Robotics is gaining ground in Republic of Korea, wherever several massive businesses area unit automating mill production lines. South Korean researchers have won awards in international golem competitions.

In 2015, South Korea's Team KAIST beat the North American country and Japan to win the DARPA AI Challenge with a golem that completed tasks while not losing balance. however Republic of Korea has been slow to introduce human-like robots or interactive robots publically places like hotels or stores, not like its neighboring Japan wherever Softbank's golem Pepper isn't any unknown.

Incheon International flying field firm. believes it's the primary to introduce such service-oriented robots in an exceedingly South Korean public area. Another state-owned flying field operator, Korean Peninsula Airports firm, that operates fifteen international flying fields in Republic of Korea however not Incheon airport, additionally has teamed up with native corporations to introduce air-purifying robots to live air quality and clean terminals.

Incheon International flying field firm. aforesaid in an exceedingly statement that it doesn't expect the robots to switch human staff, however simply to assist, particularly with nightlong shifts and physically exacting tasks.

Future plans embrace deploying robots to advise travelers concerning things that area unit prohibited on flights, serve food in flying field lounges and carry consignment.

Source: PTI

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