Sri Lanka's worst-ever dengue event kills 225
Published : Wednesday, 5 July, 2017
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Sri Lanka is suffering its worst-ever breakbone fever natural event, with the mosquito-borne virus killing 225 individuals and infecting over seventy six,000 this year.

Alarmed by the magnitude of the crisis, the govt. deployed four hundred troopers and cops on Tues to withdraw decomposition garbage, stagnant water pools and alternative potential mosquito-breeding grounds.

Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni, Colombo's chief medical man, aforesaid people's failure to clear puddles and piles of trash once last month's serious monsoon rains had combined the matter.

"It's pathetic that they do not keep clean their surroundings," Wijayamuni aforesaid.
"Some residents don't permit officers to examine the homes and clean them. this can be extremely unacceptable."

The number of infections nationwide is already thirty eight p.c beyond last year, when 55,150 individuals were diagnosed with breakbone fever and ninety seven died, in keeping with the Health Ministry. the very best variety of cases is within the region round the main town of Colombo, tho' cases were being reportable across the tropical island nation.

"This is generally Associate in Nursing urban disease" aforesaid Dr. Priscilla Samaraweera of the National breakbone fever obliteration Unit. Last month's serious rains left the cities soggy, with puddles and rain-soaked garbage providing ideal spots for mosquitoes to breed and multiply.

In Colombo alone, twenty five groups of troopers, cops and public health inspectors were knock on doors at people's homes, advising them to clear clogged drains and empty out of doors pots that may have full of rain.

Health officers were additionally fumigating public areas.

This year's strain is especially dangerous, Samaraweera aforesaid. there's no cure for any of the four strains of the virus, that causes a high fever, weeks of exhaustion and in some cases a vicious efflorescence. Patients most in danger of dying square measure the senior, kids or those with alternative medical complications.

Hospitals were thus packed with breakbone fever patients, the military was building 2 temporary wards at Negombo Base Hospital, concerning thirty eight kilometers (24 miles) north of Colombo, military interpreter Brig. Roshan Senevirathna aforesaid.


President Maithripala Sirisena urged the general public to work with officers making an attempt to fight the unwellness, language it may have an effect on the "lives of all the voters of the country."

Source: AP

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