HSC pass rate tumbles to 10-year low
Published : Monday, 24 July, 2017
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GPA 5 achievers down to 7-year low, 100pc pass organizations diminish

Consolidated pass rate in Higher Secondary Certificate and identical examinations tumbled to its 10-year low while the quantity of Grade Point Average (GPA) 5 achievers descended to its seven-year low.

The outcomes, distributed on Sunday, likewise demonstrated that the quantity of foundations with 100 for each penny pass rate tumbled to seven-year low while the quantity of establishments having no examinees passed expanded to seven-year high.

Understudies of general, madrassah and specialized streams performed inadequately this year as the pass rate diminished by 5.63 rate focuses in HSC exams under eight instruction sheets, 11.17 rate focuses in Alim exams under madrassah training

board and 3.24 rate focuses in HSC professional exams under specialized instruction board in contrast with the outcomes in 2016.

Instruction serve Nurul Islam Nahid at a preparation on the outcomes faulted new answer script assessment framework for the poor outcomes.

Board administrators and authorities, nonetheless, said that other than new answer script assessment framework, poor exhibitions of the understudies of humanities gathering and Comilla instruction board and terrible scores in English and others subjects caused the poor outcomes.

Executive Sheik Hasina, in the wake of accepting the outcomes from Nurul Islam Nahid, portrayed the outcomes as general great.

'The rate of go in the current year's [HSC] exams might be less to some degree yet we have modernized the training and given most elevated regard for its standard ... significance has been given to all issues including looking at answer scripts so future eras could propel keeping pace with the time,' she said.

She said that her legislature gave most astounding consideration regarding upgrading the nature of training.

Hasina, in any case, communicated disappointment over the HSC aftereffects of Comilla Board. 'Why they will trail in comes about ... exceptional consideration ought to be given to this end,' she said.

At the instructions, Nahid said that 8,01,711 of the 11,63,370 examinees passed the consolidated HSC and comparable examinations this year.

The consolidated pass rate remained at 69.91 for each penny, a 5.79 rate point diminish from 74.70 for each penny in 2016.

Joined pass rate was 76.19 for every penny in 2008, 72.78 for every penny in 2009, 74.28 for each penny in 2010, 75.08 for every penny in 2011, 78.67 for each penny in 2012, 74.30 for every penny in 2013, 78.32 for every penny in 2014 and 69.60 for every penny in 2015.

As indicated by the outcomes, 37,969 understudies accomplished most astounding GPA 5, a diminishing by 20,307 from 58,276 out of 2016.

The quantity of GPA 5 achievers was 39,769 out of 2011, 61,162 out of 2012, 58,197 of every 2013, 70,602 out of 2014 and 42,894 of every 2015.

The quantity of foundations with 100 for each penny pass rate diminished to 532 from 848 of every 2016. All understudies go from 892 foundations in 2011, 1,036 of every 2012, 849 out of 2013, 1,147 out of 2014 and 1,133 of every 2015.

No understudies go from 75 instructive foundations this year, a triple increment from 25 out of 2016. The number was 35 of every 2015, 24 out of 2014, 25 of every 2013 and 24 out of 2012 and 24 2011.

For the fourth year consecutively, young ladies showed improvement over young men in pass rate while young men showed improvement over young ladies in securing GPA 5.

In the HSC exam under eight general training sheets, 66.84 for each penny of 9. 64 lakh general understudies passed the exam, 5.63 rate focuses diminish from 72.47 for every penny in 2016.

This year, 33,242 understudies secured GPA 5, diminish by 15,708 from 48,950 of every 2016.

The achievement rate was 83.14 for every penny for science, 69.65 for each penny for business thinks about and 58.14 for each penny for humanities gathering.

The most elevated pass rate was 72 for each penny in Rajshahi board and the least was 49.52 for every penny in Comilla board.

Under the madrassah instruction board, 77.02 for each penny of 96,802 understudies passed the exam, 11.17 rate focuses diminish from 88.19 for every penny in 2016.

Under the specialized instruction board, 81.33 for each penny of 97,014 understudies passed the exam, 3.24 rate point lower than 84.57 for every penny in 2016.

The quantity of GPA 5 achievers was 1,815 for madrassah and 2,669 for specialized understudies.

Nahid faulted new answer script assessment framework for the poor outcomes. He said that the administration was not shocked by the fall of results.

'Prior on many events, educators did not assess answer scripts mindfully so they used to over or under check a script. In this way, we presented institutionalization of answer script assessment framework in broad daylight examinations with a view to guarantee a precise assessment,' he said.

The service likewise bestowed preparing to the head analysts and different inspectors on assessment of answer scripts according to demonstrate answers gave to them, he said.

In the new framework, analysts were given model answers and a stamp plan to check the papers, following an exploration led by Bangladesh Examination Development Unit.

Between instruction board coordination subcommittee executive Mahbubur Rahman, additionally the Dhaka training board administrator, and Jessore training board director Abdul Alim said that poor execution of understudies of Comilla instruction board and humanities gathering and terrible scores in English gravely influenced the consolidated outcomes.

This year, pass rate for Comilla board remained at 49.53 for every penny, a 14.97 rate point diminish from 64.49 for every penny in 2016.

This year, 58.14 for each penny humanities understudies passed the exam which was 67.37 for every penny in 2016.

Comilla instruction board administrator Abdul Khaleque essentially faulted poor execution in humanities gathering and English for the outcome poor outcomes. The rate of disappointment was 62 for every penny in humanities gathering and 38 for every penny in English.

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